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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Students Present Research at OCA Conference

Five students representing Ashland University and the Department of Communication Studies in the brightest lights as they shared their research to faculty members and students at the Ohio Communication Association held at Kent State University.  Over 175 scholars gathered at the annual conference to exchange ideas and research findings.

Senior Megan Wise spoke on a panel about her research uncovering the multiple facets of the Interpersonal Deception Theory and she thoroughly enjoyed her experience. “I had a great time presenting at OCA. It was a great experience to share my research at a conference and talk with professors from around the state,” said Wise.
Students also presented their public relations research on specific health topics during a poster session at the conference. 

Sophomore Stephany Elgin spoke with the judges about her plan to increase the participation of organ donations. “I was happy to represent Ashland University at the conference and I enjoyed presenting my research to those who were interested, “ said Elgin. 

Senior Ashley VanGilder and Junior Chris Manthey explained their research to expand participation and membership at the Ashland YMCA. “It was good experience to present to others our project that we worked so hard on” said Manthey.

Lastly, senior Christina Miadich presented her research on the importance of Alzheimer’s patient caregivers in today’s society. “I was happy to be a part of such a great experience. OCA was the first conference I presented at and I was grateful to be given the opportunity to do so, “said Miadich. Miadich also won first prize for her poster research: “Winning the award of top student poster was a great honor and I was proud to represent Ashland University at OCA.”
The conference proved to be a great experience for all who presented and attended, and students were exposed to new aspects of communication and gained confidence as scholars in the communication field.