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Friday, May 3, 2013

Faculty and Students Present Research at Conference

Several of the D.O.C.S. faculty and students presented research at the 104 annual meeting of the Eastern Communication Association annual convention held in Pittsburgh, PA. Senior Megan Wise of North Canton, OH, presented her work Detecting Deceptive Communication through Computer Mediated Technology: Applying Interpersonal Deception Theory to Texting Behavior.
“Presenting at the Eastern Communication Association Conference was an incredible experience for me both as a student and a professional,” Wise said. “I had the opportunity to present my research on a regional platform and I was also able to network with individuals in the communications field. I had a great time presenting my research on deceptive communication via text messaging and I enjoyed engaging in conversation with professionals who provided me with ideas to further my research.”

Senior Christina Miadich of Garfield Heights, OH, presented her work titled The Theory of Interpersonal Communication Motives: A Review of Literature. “Being able to present at the Eastern Communication Conference was a remarkable opportunity and great way to end my senior year,” Miadich said. “I am fortunate that the Department of Communication Studies at Ashland University is motivating students to complete their own research and encouraging them to present their research at conferences because it is a wonderful chance to grow as a student.”

Drs. Dariela Rodriguez and Theodore Avtgis also presented research at the conference.  Dr. Rodriguez participated in a round table discussion titled The Organizational Confluence of Health Care and Communication. Dr. Avtgis presented the following papers: 1. Communicating from the field of crisis: First responder communication; 2. Assessing the accuracy of trauma patient prioritization: Assessing the efficiency of the M.I.S.E.R. categorization and communication channel in crisis communication; 3. The longitudinal efficacy of communication instruction in a surgical residency program: Preliminary data; 4. Round table participant: The organizational confluence of health care and communication