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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

ECA Line-ups Are In

On April 23-26, 2015, the Eastern Communication Association Conference (ECA) will take place this year in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  This year will be the 105th anniversary for the ECA as an organization, which began in 1910.  The program describes themselves as “a history of achievement in research, criticism, communication theory, and excellence in teaching. The association welcomes members who share the goals and objectives of a membership dedicated to participation in state, regional, and national activity.”

Students and faculty who have submitted their work will be travelling to Philadelphia and will be scheduled to present during these days. Listed below are the Ashland University students and faculty who have worked hard and are scheduled to present their research.


Thursday, April 23rd



 “Risks Associated with the Usage of Methadone Maintenance Versus Non-Opioid Replacement for Heroin Addiction” 

Zoe Escandon


Friday, April 24th



“Infante’s Doctoral Dissertation: Study of ‘Invention’ as Precursor to the Inventional System, Trait Argumentativeness, and Trait Verbal Aggressiveness”

Dr. Theodore Avtgis




“Then and Now: The Kardiac Kids”

Haley Pittman and Courtney Troyer


“Saving Lives: Communication Training Of First Responders And Emergency Medical Personnel”

Dr. Theodore Avtgis


“Theory and Sport Practice”

Dr. Dariela Rodriguez




“The Gender Role Portrayal in the Disney Princess Line”

Megan Salatino


Self-disclosure: Past, Present, & Future

Taylor Campbell


“Exploring Perceptions of Lung Cancer and Peritoneal Mesothelioma: Initial Campaign Design”

Lauren Fattlar and Lauren Miller


Saturday, April 25th



“Amazing Race: Finding and Correctly Siting Credible Sources”

Kimberly Field-Springer and Katie Margavio Striley




“From the Front Line: Communication Research with First Responders”

Dr. Theodore Avtgis