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Friday, February 27, 2015

Alumna Enjoys Her Role in World Series

By Megan Salatino, Class of 2016

Amanda (Turk) Schapiro, an alumna of Ashland University, took part in the 2014 World Series by working for the Kansas City Royals team as coordinator of community affairs and publicity chair.

As a 2009 AU graduate with a double major in sport communication and business administration, Schapiro used her knowledge gained at AU to put toward her future endeavors with the Kansas City Royals.

During the season, Schapiro handles a multitude of daily tasks, including coordinating the legacy seating and all of the different seat programs at the Royals stadium, drafting press releases and community releases before each home stand, helping to organize clinics and operating different camps and charity organizations, and honoring a wide a variety of people in the community especially those who served in WWII and active duty military.

“Basically, I work with a number of different departments to help handle all of the different donations and ticket vouchers,” Schapiro said.

Though the MLB season is always busy for Schapiro, it was even more so this year being that the Royals clinched a spot in the post-season and went 8-0 to secure a trip to the World Series against the San Francisco Giants. The last time the Royals made an appearance in the post-season was in 1985.

Not only was the post-season ride a great win for the Royals, but it was also a win for the community of Kansas City.

“Once we went into the post-season, my job went full blown. There were huge media requests, so I would talk to everybody and anybody I could to promote giveaways, rally towels and what would be on the field and how to prepare for post-season,” Schapiro said. “The MLB is a strong brotherhood. San Francisco reached out to us and said to make the most out of the experience, so we did. It was one of the best experiences of my life.”

The highlight of the World Series for Schapiro was the spotlight it shined not only on the team, but the whole Royals organization. “It really showed the world what the Royals organization stands for and the bond a community shares,” she said.

Though she has achieved great success with the Royals, Schapiro attributes much of her success to the Ashland University experience.

“It gave me that personalized experience. It is very personable, and I love that – it is one of the best things about me. Ashland gave me opportunities, it gave me the career development portion and it offered unique classes for me. A sport communication degree stands out, and it still stands out to people today,” Schapiro said.

The sport communication program at Ashland University is one of only several programs of its kind in the nation. The program focuses on communication theory as well as the research and application process needed in any sport organization. It teaches one the full-circle approach of sports and focuses on networking, which Shapiro believes helped her greatly.

While at Ashland, Schapiro interned with the Charleston River Dogs, a minor league affiliate of the New York Yankees, as well as Major League Soccer’s corporate office in New York City and SportsTime Ohio. 

“Internships are huge in getting you anywhere. It is not only who you know, but it is who remembers you. You have to make an impact. While working with MLS in New York, I had to go make that impression to help make them remember me in the future,” Schapiro said.

And, it was who remembered Schapiro that helped her beat out the more than 850 people who applied for her initial internship with the Royals before going on to become a full-time employee.  

“In this field, there are a lot of people out for this job. Having connections previously helped because they would stick out their neck for me, which got my foot in the door to meet them,” Schapiro said. “I had the confidence they were looking for, and you need to always make that initial impact.”

She also credits Ashland University with helping her attain her interview skills. “AU gave me tips on how to interview better, and I cannot thank Ashland enough,” she said.

Even though AU has prepared her for this career path, she leaves one piece of advice for those who one day wants to work in the sport industry.

“With a little bit of hard work, put your nose down and do it – it will get you far. I do not know if you can hear my smile, but I cannot stop smiling,” stated Schapiro, when reflecting on her job with the Kansas City Royals.

For more information about the sport communication program at Ashland University, visit or contact Dr. Dariela Rodriguez, coordinator of the Sport Communication Program, at
or 419.289.5748.