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join the conversation

Thursday, December 8, 2011


The Department of Communication Studies is proud to announce the reinstatement of its public relations club known as Accent on P.R.! This is an exciting opportunity for our students interested in P.R. and we are eager to do great things within the Ashland community and around campus!

Accent on P.R. will actively partner with local non-profits as well as other on-campus clubs/causes to assist with public relations needs in an effort to create a better campus and community.  Such efforts can range from event promotion to comprehensive campaigns.  Accent on P.R. is a club that is not only opened to public relations majors but also people throughout the AU community with an interest in Public Relations.  Thanks to Accent on P.R.'s President Megan Wise for her pioneering efforts in creating the necessary documentation, leadership, and advocacy necessary for the club's approval.

If you are interested, please stay tuned for additional information. We will be starting a membership drive soon, so be sure to sign up as Accent on P.R. is a great way to beef up your public relations credentials while also providing wonderful service to the various publics we will be serving.